Rob Teachout - President/CEO of Patriot Dental Laboratory
-National Board Certified Dental Technician in crown and bridge and porcelain.
-Las Vegas Institute of Dentistry Certified Technician.
-Saginaw Valley State University Graduate in Biology and Chemistry.
-Naval School of Dental Laboratory Technology Graduate
-Naval School of Dental Assisting Graduate
-Field Medical Service School (USMC) Graduate
-UCLA Advanced Captek Course Graduate
-American Red Cross Professional Rescuer Instructor

      Welcome, it has been a lifetime dream of mine to open up my own dental laboratory.  It couldn't of been done without my family, especially the financial resources from my Father and my beloved Brother Steve, he will truly be missed.  We take great pride in what we fabricate for our clients and their patients.  My personal experience comes from taking x-rays, to sitting chairside, to manufacturing  full mouth restoration cases, to setting up and running a dental offices overseas.  I've been blessed to take part in many facets within the dental industry.  For the last couple decades I've been strictly focusing all my talents in prosthodontics.  Most of my career has been with the finest military in the world.  However, for the last decade I've worked and consulted with many laboratories throughout the United States.  I've worked with some of the finest Master Ceramists this industry has to offer and can't wait to show you what I've learned from them.  I am always striving for excellence whether it be up to date with the most advanced equipment offered or learning new techniques that will make us both better for our patients. 

     Most of my life has been focused around the medical and dental field, whether it was with the Navy and Marine Corps or the civilian community, it has always been about the patients of America.  My patriotism comes from my upbringing and the sacrifice my Father has given to our beloved country.  I know many Dentists prefer to send their lab work overseas, maybe because of price and/or quality reasons.  I highly suggest not taking part in that for the reasons that you really don't know what's in your restorations or who made your restoration overseas.  That's why I've made a pledge to you and Patriot Dental Laboratory that we only employ American's, use only American products for Made in American smiles'.  I've taken a lot of criticism for this throughout the years, but for some reason, I can't find a simple answer why anyone wouldn't want to teach any American this wonderful dental industry.  This is why Patriot Dental Laboratory has it's name and why I love teaching dentistry to my countrymen and women.  I truly hope you will do the same and if you need anything, please don't hesitate to call me anytime.  Semper Fi.



Chad Mathews - Operations Manager
-Cad/Cam Certified
-Dental Technician
-Custom Implant Designer
-Captek Certified
-Phone Relations

Jan McKinnon - Office Manager
Receiving/Shipping Specialist
-Evident/Gateway Manager
-Phone Relations
-Supply Clerk
-OSHA/FDA Manager


Jackie Waters - Model Dept. Supervisor
-OSHA Disinfection
-Pour and Articulation of all impressions to casts
-Data Entry

Steve Aldridge - Partial/Denture Manager
-TCS/Valplast Certified
-Partial and Denture Set-up
-Partial and Denture Finishing
-Partial and Denture Repair
-Phone Relations

        Mark (Gator) Woodruff - OfficeManager/Sales
-Microsoft Certified
-Website Designer
-Phone Relations

Karen (Momma) Teachout - Front Office
-Logistics Driver
-Phone Relations